Workshop Paper Accepted at IEEE VR!

One of our lab’s projects was accepted to a workshop at IEEE VR 2020! The project lead is Nanjie (Jimmy) Rao, with his co-authors Lina Zhang, Dr. Sharon Lynn Chu, Katarina Jurczyk, Chelsea Candelora, Samantha Su, and Cameron Kozlin! The title of the work is Investigating the Necessity of Meaningful Context Anchoring in Augmented Reality Smart Glasses Interaction for Everyday Learning, and it was accepted into the IEEE KELVAR workshop, which focuses on embodied learning through virtual and augmented reality. See the abstract below, and congratulations to the authors!

The wearable nature of smart glasses opens up many possibilities for these devices to support informal and everyday learning. A key question arises: is physical contextualization necessary for smart glasses to support learning? We ran a within-subjects study comparing the use of meaningful anchoring (MA) and arbitrary anchoring (AA) in smart glasses in a simulated learning scenario. Results showed AA performed better on learning scores and task performance, but AR immersion and system usability were better for MA. The necessity varies depending on usage scenarios. MA is more suitable for UX-oriented scenarios, while AA is preferred for efficiency-driven scenarios.