Everyday-Inspired Media

Everyday-Inspired Media


Watching a movie can be a particularly powerful experience, with the potential to impact the viewer’s affect, cognition and perhaps even behavior. The meaningfulness that the individual derives from engaging in a narratively-crafted experience has been exploited extensively in many fields such as advertising, education and tourism. This project seeks to investigate the affective power of movies to improve one’s overall sense of well-being. This goal is challenging to achieve given that the degree of meaning that an individual derives from a movie is dependent on how much the movie resonates with the individual’s personal experiences. We propose an approach that optimizes movie recommendations based on the projected level of meaningfulness of movies through their degree of alignment with one’s everyday micro-experiences, collected through the use of wearable devices. Given that movie watching is already a prominent practice for many, we posit that the approach can be particularly impactful for populations such as students at risk of depression or older adults for whom passive support to improve well-being may be more suitable.



  • Hannah Park (Ph.D. Student, Texas A&M University)
  • Stephen Spencer (Undergraduate student, Texas A&M University)