Wearables Form Factors

Wearables Form Factors


This project investigates the potential of wearable technologies to support learning. Much research has been done to investigate the potential uses of wearable technologies, but few have fully explored their use in the specific context of learning. We are investigating a variety of smart wearable available: such as the smart ring, smart clip, smart wristband, smart necklace, and smart glasses. We assess these wearables in terms of their effective use in everyday learning scenarios.


  • Evaluate different form factors of wearables and interaction techniques with respect to their potential to affect different aspects of learning

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Related Publications

  1. Rani, N., Chu, S. L., & Li, Q. (2021). Exploring User Micro-Behaviors Towards Five Wearable Device Types in Everyday Learning-Oriented Scenarios. International Journal of Human-Computer Interaction, 1-16.